Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Masters of Self-Deception

“Above all, don't lie to yourself. The man who lies to himself and listens to his own lie comes to a point that he cannot distinguish the truth within him, or around him, and so loses all respect for himself and for others. And having no respect he ceases to love.” - The Brothers Karamazov

I have mentioned when I was 16 years old a pudgy plain middle-aged women gave me a dirty look and locked her car door, apparently thinking I was going to jump into her car and ravage her or maybe shove a doobie up her nose and addict her. I remember thinking she was a nut who was deluding herself.

Even she knew I wasn't going to jump into her car. She just wanted to feel self-righteous and superior and to find someone to look down upon. I'm sure in her mind I was the one with the problem - a teenage boy with hair down past his shoulders, which of course meant I was a drug-dealing rapist.

About ten years after that, in college, I decided I should read some of those classic novels that everyone knows about but no one reads. So I decided to try The Brothers Karamazov.

It was a lot better than I thought it would be. I remember that in the novel one of the church fathers gave the advice, "And above all don't lie to yourself."

Just like a bunch of thoughts flooded into my mind. A bunch of connections were made.

I then realized, as I have mentioned, that in order to successfully lie to others you first of all have to lie to yourself. But people who lie to themselves don't know they're lying to themselves. They think they're telling themselves the truth about things.

When people lie to themselves but don't know it the main reason is self-righteousness.They think it gives them the right to abuse people, although they don't see it as abuse or that they are in the wrong. The self-righteous never think they are wrong. They think the person they abuse deserves it. That attitude causes a lot of trouble in the world.

I have seen several men lie to themselves to justify their abuse. But I have found women are the masters of self-deception and rationalization. That's why it's so hard to them to admit when they're wrong and instead think they're right.

I've mentioned before that Carl Jung wrote that women's greatest flaw was thinking they were always right and would never be happy until they gave it up.

I can go on and on with story after story of women I've met who delude themselves, but I'm not. Everyone knows what I'm talking about anyway, including honest women.

I was never told about the dangers of self-deception. Certainly not in church, where it should be taught.

It's not even one of the Seven Deadly Sins, although it falls under Pride or "vainglory," which are the worst sins of all and the basis of all the rest.

Years ago I was listening to an interview of the man who wrote "Defending the Caveman." He said men consider women mysterious but women think men are always wrong. He said that once when he said this in his one-man play a woman stood up in audience and shrieked, "They ARE always wrong!" I figured she was drinking and when people drink often what they really think comes blurting out.

Such are the wages of self-deception - self-righteousness, rationalization and abuse of the innocent.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Catastrophe of Democracy

The Founding Fathers knew their history: democracies always collapse. That's why the U.S. was founded as a republic ("if you can keep it," as Benjamin Franklin said).

Today special-interest groups are always trying to register the members of their special-interest mob to vote. They have no idea what they are doing.

We don't need more people voting. We need fewer, high-quality people voting. The Founding Fathers only wanted property owners to vote.

We don't need people with IQs of less than 100 voting.

I suppose these people consider democracy to be self-rule. It's not. Ultimately it's mob rule - the mob ruling other people.

Self-rule is when you rule yourself - what the older political philosophers called "natural rights." The rights to life, liberty and property.

These days anyone can vote, no matter how ignorant and stupid. Illegal aliens voting? They should be run out of the country.

I've mentioned before that throughout history anyone with any money always lived in the hills and the mob has always lived in slums in the valleys. In other words, the mob always lives in the valley.

And history tells us the one warfare that has always existed has been class warfare - the mob versus the people on the hills.

I've also mentioned before the movie, Elysium, in which the whole earth had turned to a Third World valley and anyone with any money had moved off-world to a luxurious space-station - a hill in space.

The country of the writer/director (Neill Blomkamp) of Elysium - South Africa - was destroyed by the mobs in the valley.

Or think about The Time Machine, the movie or the novel. The Morlocks lived in the absolute bottom of the valley - underground.

Ezra Pound once said artists are "the antennae of the human race." He was right.

There is another old saying: art imitates life. That, too, is true.

What is going to happen someday is the valley mob is going to come up to the hills with pitchforks. Maybe not literally (although that, too, happens), but through political power.

That, ultimately, is what happens with democracy. And it's because of the envy of the mob, because democracy is always based on envy.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Women Lie All the Time

"You've got to change your evil ways, baby" - Santana

I have mentioned before that when I was 16 years old I was standing on a street corner walking back to high school after lunch. I had some school books in my hand.

A pudgy, plain, middle-aged woman driving a car gave me a dirty look, reached over and locked her door while at a stoplight by me. That’s the only time that’s ever happened to me. That’s why I remember it.

I ignored the whole thing, but I remember thinking something along the lines of "What a nut. She's deluding herself if she thinks I'm going to do anything to her." I had hair down past my shoulders and apparently she thought I was some sort of drooling, drug-addicted rapist who’d force myself into her car, hold my Swiss army knife to her throat and then have my evil ways with her.

Years later, after much more experience with disturbed women, I realized that in order to successfully lie to others you first of all have to lie to yourself.

Ask any police officer how many women lie to them, with a straight face, about rape.

I've caught more than one woman lying about sexual harassment. As I've said, "Hell has no fury like a woman scorned, even if they have to make up the whole thing."

Think about that nutty lying woman dragging her mattress around campus, the mattress she claimed she was raped upon. She was a scorned woman and was lying about the whole thing, just as was the woman who claimed she was gang-raped at a fraternity party (and "Rolling Stone" magazine would have never run that story if the female reporter hadn’t first conned herself into believing such blatant lies).

Men lie too, of course, but why is it women are always the ones who lie about men and sex? And their lies are so easy to see through?

Can you imagine a man dragging a mattress around in public? I can't. He’d be ridiculed and mocked up one side and down the other.

Because women lie all the time I have to give Donald Trump the benefit of the doubt. Why did these women wait ten to 35 years to go public with these accusations? He shoved his hand under my dress and fiddled with my mommy parts before he even knew my name? And in public on an airplane?

I'm sure Trump gets hit on all the time by women (I doubt this happens to Bill Gates). Trump’s not only a multi-billionaire but a celebrity. And nutty women desire celebrity, otherwise why did Mattress Girl and Fraternity Girl lie about what happened to them?

It's women who are the ones always watching the celebrity gossip shows and reading the magazines. Brad and Angelina! Only women are concerned about such things, not men.

Can you imagine a fat unattractive woman like Oprah Winfrey being popular among men? Or the masculine, unattractive Wendy Williams?

Women are nosy, envious, ungrateful self-deceptive little beasts. Not every individual woman of course but as a group they are.

This has been noticed for thousands of years. Look how nosy Pandora stuck in nose into something that was none of her business and unleashed every evil into the world.

Or look at the envy and self-deception and ingratitude of Eve.

Such stories would not have survived for thousands of years if there was not a great deal of truth in them.

There is a good reason women were not allowed to vote for a long time. Men in those days knew things about them that we have mostly forgotten.

It reminds me of something my 20-something niece told me many years ago: men are stupid and women are evil.

And men are stupid because they listen to ungrateful, envious, childish women.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Yes, the Media is Rigged

The MSM's idea of diversity is that their members look different but think the same. They’re infected with liberalism. To them anything else is not just illegitimate but twisted and evil.

I have mentioned I have a degree in Journalism. In college I found almost all of journalism students were apolitical but those that weren't were leftist, which meant they thought they were always right and that those who disagreed weren't merely mistaken but bad people. Nazis, you know.

They could never answer an argument, ran away, then stewed about their defeat. They were also big into revenge.

There was a lot of childishness about all of them.

Now as to why they were leftist I’m not sure, except they think their feels make their opinions fact. And leftists operate on their feels although they think it’s reason.

Because they think their opponents are evil, they think this gives them the right to physically attack them, commit voter fraud and try to steal elections. Fascist and Nazi scum, so attack them and keep them out office! And hope they die off!

Now imagine these people taking over the media. Don’t imagine, but instead just look around.

Since they think everyone should think as they do they don't believe in competition.

Merely listening to competing arguments really upsets them. Their brains ain’t right in the first place, otherwise they wouldn’t be leftists.

They also think their words change reality, hence the chanting that Hillary has already won so Trump should withdraw from the race.

For quite a while I was hearing that bloggers on the Internet weren't "real" journalists. I don't see that anymore because the Internet has become so influential and the influence of the MSM is dwindling.

The MSM has become a liberal special-interest group, nothing more.

The Internet has decentralized the media and decentralism of anything is always a good thing.

And the more advertising pulls out of the MSM - which is what supports them - the better it is for the people of the United States.

Friday, October 21, 2016

The Bestowal of an Unwanted Self Leads to Feelings of Shame and Humiliation

In my last article I mentioned I encountered an unattractive girl in high school while walking to a party, and she looked at me with fear in her eyes. She probably thought I was going sneer at her or make fun of her.

I realized years later she must have felt shame and humiliation because of her looks and the fact she was ignored by all the boys at school. People such as that are exceptionally susceptible to being ridiculed.

Then I wrote just about ten years later I knew a beautiful woman who was asked out by one weekend by seven guys. The first ostracized; the second had more guys than she knew what to do with. And all because of their looks.

That wasn't the only thing I encountered in that studio apartment having to with women and their looks.

One night I was in another girl's room listening to records (this was decades before CDs).

This woman was very attractive.

She told me that when she was 12 years old she had been ostracized by the kids in school. She showed me her picture from seventh grade. She was pudgy and wore glasses that sat crooked on her face.

Over the summer she lost all the extra weight and got contacts. When she went back to school in the fall all the kids who had ignored and ostracized her now wanted to be her friend, because she had been one of those Ugly Ducklings that turned into a Swan.

No thanks, she told me.

She had been shamed and humiliated and now she was the center of attention. The experience changed her permanently.

She told me ever since then she had never been attracted to what most women considered good-looking guys.

She said she was attracted to men who looked like Peter Noone.

"Who's Peter Noone?" I asked.

The lead singer for Herman and the Hermits, she told me.

Peter Noone was popular about the time she was born. How it happened she found him attractive I have no idea.

But I do know about a year after I graduated I saw her at a PR function in a town about 50 miles away. She was with her new husband, who - you guessed it - looked like Peter Noone, except about five inches taller.

I have thought about this for a long time. When people have an unwanted self bestowed on them by others they generally feel shame and humiliation.

Of course they try to replace those feeling of shame and humiliation with pride. Kathy did it by ignoring all the good-looking guys and going her own way. It's true - living well really is the best revenge. And Kathy got her revenge.

I also mentioned before I've seen a lot more women try to shame and humiliate men, including men they didn't know and had never met before, than men who try to humiliate women.

I've only seen one guy try to humiliate a women, and that was a black guy who abused in public a yellow-skinned mulatto women in who only dated white guys and had a little girl who passed for white. I'm sure he was driven insane by the fact she would never have anything to do with his ugly self (this woman also made more that one comment about my blue eyes - and the father of the child had blue eyes).

The difference between men and women is that when men feel shame and humiliation they often try to replace those feelings with pride by violence.

The Manosphere exists because of the abuse of men by women, specifically women infected by feminist ideas.

It tries to build men's self-esteem by telling them women are inferior, i.e. loveless hypergamous whores, things only interested in "cash and prizes," so get revenge on them by using them as "plates" to be spun. Don’t be one of those grotesque Betas or Gammas!

Also be a "Dark Triad Alpha," too. Bad advice all around. Very bad advice.

Feminism tries to bestow an unwanted, shamed, humiliated self on men. So, of course, these men are seeking revenge.

If feminism had never existed there would be no Manosphere.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

People of Little or No Value

By value I mean the value other people assign to them.

When I was 16 years old I was walking to a party about a mile from my house. I encountered a girl I went to high school with. She was walking her dog, on a Friday or Saturday night while I was going to a party.

She wasn't good-looking at all. She was pudgy and even without the pudge she would not have had a good body. And she wasn't attractive at all in the face.

She recognized me, just as I recognized her.

She gave me a look of fear. I wondered, why? Did she think I was going attack her? Most probably not. Most probably she thought I was going to say something nasty to her because of her appearance.

I forget what I did. Maybe I said hi to her. Maybe not. I don't remember.

Later I thought, "She's not of any value to anyone." I'm sure she was of value to her parents, but at high school, no.

I've always remembered that one-minute encounter.

In college I started encountering people who were of no value to anyone, male and female. They spent their weekends alone in their rooms, watching TV.

My last year and a half in college I lived in a studio apartment attached to a two-story house. One evening I was in one girl's room, and this girl verged on being beautiful. She was putting on her make-up while looking in a mirror.

For some reason, out of the blue, I asked her how many guys had asked her out that weekend. I wasn’t even serious.

"Seven," she answered.

I was speechless. I had no idea what to say. Seven? I think my mouth even dropped open.

If seven women had ever asked me out I would have thought it was an elaborate, cruel practical joke.

The difference between the girl walking her dog and the one putting on her make-up was based on one thing only - looks.

I have almost never seen a man be nasty to a woman. Once, I can remember. I have seen many women be nasty to men, including men they don't even know. A dozen times.

I can only conclude these women think these men are of little value, otherwise these women wouldn't treat them like that.

From that I can extrapolate there are a noticeable number of women today who think many men are of little value. I find that odd since men created and maintain society. Women can't do either.

The Manosphere is obsessed with "how to be a high-value man." Its prescriptions are in many ways nonsense and in fact dangerous, since they include such words as "psychopath" and "Dark Triad."

Yet I never encounter anything about the most important things that people want - to be appreciated and respected. To be considered as having some value. To not be ignored or abused. To have meaning, importance and community.

When people have an unwanted self bestowed on them they usually end up feeling shamed and humiliated, like the girl walking her dog. I've always wondered what happened to her.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Trump is Adolescent But Hillary Clinton is an Evil Child

"The evil man is the child grown strong" - Thomas Hobbes

I heard Melania Trump say she had two children in her family - her son and her husband. I started laughing.

Trump does come across as adolescent - the rating of women by looks, the hairspray keeping his ridiculous haircut in place. That's high school, even middle school.

Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, comes across sociopathic - an evil child. She shows no guilt or remorse, is entitled, sees people as things to serve her, devalues them as "deplorables," curses and insults them, flies into rages.

I figure all politicians are immature, otherwise they wouldn't be politicians.

In other ways Trump comes across as fatherly, although it's closer to Fred Flintstone than Ward Cleaver. Clinton just comes across as an Evil Queen Wannabe and not motherly at all.

But it's looking like our coming election is between a billionaire adolescent and a destructive child.