Saturday, December 10, 2016

Some Old People Wandering in the Rain

I have mentioned, more than once, that I used to own a taxi, and because of it I have a fund of bizarre stories. I had to keep a diary to remember all of them, which I still have.

We didn't always pick up adults. We did a lot of packages, too, and students going to school.

Once I had a route picking up two girls in the "desegregation" program. This meant taking little black kids who had schools across the street and instead transporting them to schools way the hell out in the county, often to two different schools maybe five blocks from each other.

I picked up one girl, then went maybe five blocks to pick up the other, then took both way out in the county, dropped one at one school, then the other at another school five blocks away.

I was paid separately for each ride, say $25 for each ride. Then I pick them up from school and take them home, again getting paid for each ride. And in the afternoon I'd pick up a girl from kindergarten and take her home for another $25. I was making $125 a day working part-time - maybe five hours a day.

Unfortunately I had to pick up these girls at 6:30 in the morning, so often before picking them up I'd stop at the local convenience store and get a couple of pastries and some milk.

One morning it was drizzling and when I walked out of the store I saw an old man walking in the rain carrying a small paper bag. I knew immediately he had been in the store buying something to eat, so of course I wondered why he was walking in the rain. I knew he couldn't live very far away, being that he was walking at 6:00 in the morning.

So I stopped and offered him a ride, no charge. He immediately got in the car and gave me his address, which was about three blocks away.

He told me he couldn't find his way home. He remembered his address, but forgot how to get there. He looked to be about 85.

He told me he and his wife had lived there for 40 years.

Otherwise his mind was clear and he wasn't senile - he had just forgotten where his was located.

He wasn't upset about it. He told me this in a calm, rational voice.

So I dropped him off and watched him walk into his house, then went to pick up my five-year-olds.

That's not the only time I encountered a lost elderly person. It happened one more time, when a gas attendant pointed to an old lady walking down the sidewalk and suggested I give her a ride. When I did I found she was walking in the opposite direction of where she lived. She knew her address so I took her home.

She lived about seven blocks from the gas station. Long walk for an 85-year-old woman.

She had me come her in house, opened up her little change purse on her wrist - and gave her a quarter tip, apparently thinking it was still 1935. I smiled and thanked her and went on my way.

I'm sure both are dead by now, otherwise they'd be about 120 years old.

Friday, December 9, 2016

The Immigration Laws are Finally Being Enforced

I know a bunch of Mexicans in the U.S. One of them, who has a work permit but not a Green Card, told me his work permit was not renewed so he has to move back to Mexico. He also said a lock was put on his bank account, which I expect to be taken off once he gives the government some money.

He also told me he got his full paycheck because nothing was taken out. I have to pay federal, state, Medicare and Social Security. He paid nothing. In fact, none of the Mexicans I know pays anything, contrary to the lies of the media.

Actually, this guy told me all the Mexicans at the warehouse he works at are being fired because none of them pays anything. He said it was about 25 workers out of about 150 altogether. None of them has an SS card.

The only reason any foreigner is in the U.S. is to undercut American wages. It's been like that for a long time.

Everyone knows that Chinese built the railroads. Not quite. They built the railroads out West but the Irish built them in the East. Both groups were imported to undercut American wages. (The Chinese were described as "servile workers" and it took the Irish to strike and get better pay.)

Disney, for example, fired a bunch of Americans who wrote software and replaced them with people from India. And they had the Americans train their replacements to get their severance pay.

There are already a bunch of anti-immigration laws on the books. They've never been enforced. Why? More money for the wealthy.

This Mexican told me one Mexican at the warehouse muttered, "Trump." It was about the only word he knew because he apparently knows about as much English as I know Spanish.

None of this is Trump's doing. He's not even President yet. It's the doing of the Republican majority in Congress, which is finally enforcing the laws.

The more the laws are enforced, the more I expect wages for Americans to rise. The fewer workers, the higher the wages.

That's what supply-and-demand does.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

I Am For Globalization But....

...but not for corporations.

Corporations are creations of the State and have the legal status of persons. All of them are anti-free market and anti-competition (competition always lowers prices and increases quality). If they get big and rich enough they give millions of dollars to politicians so these bribed political whores will "do favors" for them.

The Bush and Clinton Crime Families were notorious for "doing favors" for corporations, as was Barak Obama. This included looking the other way at sweatshops in other countries, in which young women had their passports confiscated, were raped and beaten, were forced to work 14 hours a day, and lived 14 to a room with one toilet - and paid almost nothing. The Bushes especially looked the other way about such things. Along with many other terrible things their crime family did.

The Founding Fathers, except for the fraud Alexander Hamilton (who only wanted the "rich" and "well-born" to rule - hilarious considering he was "the bastard son of Scots peddler") were not fans of corporations. They pulled their charters left and right and literally put them to death (Thomas Jefferson referred to these people as "the moneyed interests" and wrote they were only interested "in profit").

Cargill, for example, is one of the few corporations that controls our food supply. Farmers have to sell to Cargill for a pittance, then Cargill turns around and sells it to all over the world for a huge profit. They can only do this because the U.S. government allows it.

As an aside (sort of) Cargill had a grain elevator on my way to middle school (located on - what else? - Cargill Road). It's been torn down but another one was built in another place.

All corporations do this. They bribe politicians to pass laws to allow them to get monopoly power.

Our War for Independence was caused by a corporation - the East India Company. It had a monopoly granted by the British Crown to monopolize the tea trade and therefore attempted to put American companies out of business. That's how the Boston Tea Party happened in which crates of tea were dumped overboard (St. Paul was right when he wrote, "The love of money is the root of all evil").

Recently Trump has claimed Boeing is trying to charge way too much money for replacements for Air Force One. He's right - the job-killing Boeing was allowed by the Obama administration to sell planes to Iran.

Can you imagine Obama and the Clinton and Bush Crime Families complaining about this? Of course not. The taxpayers are just supposed to bend over and take it.

Obama, the Clinton and Bush Crime Families, never gave a good Goddamn about the exporting of American jobs. They were being paid to look the other way (the vile Dubya Shrub said he "didn't understand poor people" - and this party-boy crackhead loser was also contemptuously referred to as "Junior" by the serious players in his daddy's White House).

Now imagine if corporations had their charters pulled. Globalization would actually work then. But it would benefit the American people. That's the wonders of free trade, not managed trade.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

It's a Much Better Society When All the "Alphas" Are Dead

“Because no one has more thirst for earth, for blood, and for ferocious sexuality than the creatures who inhabit cold mirrors” - Alejandra Pizarnik

“...manipulated his power, wealth, and position in the entertainment industry to sexually abuse and exploit the underage Plaintiff through the use of drugs, alcohol, threats, and inducements which resulted in Plaintiff suffering catastrophic psychological and emotional injuries.” - Court documents about Bryan Singer

"...the state simply removed from the population via execution the most violent members of society. took them right out of the gene pool and largely stopped them from reproducing." - HBD Chick

"...the primate alpha male is a child abuser, a murderer and a rapist: he violates some of the most basic taboos of every human culture." -"Eddy"

"I have long suspected that early humans worked out that they'd be better off with without alphas and systematically massacred them." - "Eddy"

"If we have any genetic alphas, I would be inclined to look among the the psychopaths to find them." - "Eddy"

I pointed out before I don't believe in all this comic book Alpha/Beta nonsense. For one thing, no can define "Alpha." Everyone has their own definition, which means the concept is meaningless. The accepted definition is that of a insecure, weak-minded narcissist or psychopath, and the evidence is pretty conclusive these kinds of people were correctly killed in the past because they were so much trouble.

"Alpha: The alpha is the tall, good-looking guy who is the center of both male and female attention. The classic star of the football team who is dating the prettiest cheerleader. The successful business executive with the beautiful, stylish, blonde, size zero wife. All the women are attracted to him, while all the men want to be him, or at least be his friend. At a social gathering like a party, he's usually the loud, charismatic guy telling self-flattering stories to a group of attractive women who are listening with interest. However, alphas are only interested in women to the extent that they exist for the alpha's gratification, physical and psychological, they are actually more concerned with their overall group status."

That definition is almost the clinical description of a narcissist/psychopath.

I never use the word "Alpha," and if I had to define it, it's being the best you can be. That's the way the Greeks defined it over 2500 years ago: excellence in life leading to well-being.

Most politicians are psychopathic. In fact, the world appears to be run by psychopaths - because we don't kill them. After all, what can you do with the evil except kill them?

This article, which was written by Tex Arcane and is from his site The Vault, is about the exposure of the predatory homosexual/pederast/pedophile Bryan Singer (contrary to the media myth, homosexuals are not "gay": many of them are promiscuous, disease-ridden drug abusers who prefer 12-year-old boys.)

In this article Arcane speaks of drowning child molesters, and letting the child stand on them. This is revenge/justice after humiliation. What I have written about as Hubris followed by Nemesis. Hubris originally meant to humiliate someone (often in public) and often had a sexual connotation.

Nemesis/Revenge/justice is an attempt to replace shame with pride, and is an attempt to make the victim "whole" (which comes from the same word as "healthy.")

Nowadays we have such concepts as "therapy," which I suppose works in some cases, but I think the "Teutonics" had a better concept.

"What happens at Bryan Singer's house on the weekend"

"I figured out the biological game theory of all this a long time ago.

"It starts with basic sociopath. Then you figure in the low investment strategy of sex with children in terms of energy required to find and sustain relationships. There is a much better ratio of return for a person who simply is not as interested in love, closeness and mammalian family the way a real person would be. The child predator is pursuing a gigantic arc of efficiency that starts and begins with the fact their insides are a virtual vacuum in there.

"You also consider the reward to their personalities which essentially revolves around dominance, cruelty and inhuman lack of empathy. The child is the ideal victim and also represents the lowest risk in order to fulfill these wicked, innate impulses at the same time they gratify their sex drives. All things considered, being a child molester is secondary to the fact that deep in the root of their beings they were born monstrous, horribly twisted abominations. All these other behaviors tend to flow out of that in terms of the path of least resistance to their development in life. The child sex is just genetic expression for the person they were born as.

"Even as a good tree does not produce bad fruit, so a bad tree cannot produce good fruit.

"It is not that having sex with children is a 'sickness' that otherwise spoils what would be a healthy human being. They are in fact poisonous and toxic right down through their biology to the cellular level. If it doesn't express itself as dominance and humiliation of children with a sexual component it would most assuredly express itself in another fashion that would be just as bad. This is why child predators are always found associated with other things that don't seem related, including murder, torture, kidnapping, forgery and embezzling.

"The Teutonics in Europe knew there was not a cure for this and that is why they administered the only cure that works, which was drowning them in public while other men held them down, then permitting the child they had offended to walk out into the river and stand on their shoulders when they were dead. Over the course of thousands of years, this emerged from trial and error as the best way to handle these horrible, depraved bastards and to put them and their crimes behind you in the past so you could get on with your lives.

"If you compare the Teutonics with their matching roles of fathers in the Middle East, you can see the real gulf between the two peoples is and has been enormous for thousands upon thousands of years. After the ritual of drowning the child molester, all the people in the village would treat the boy or girl involved as though it had never happened and the girl would be assumed to be a chaste virgin on her wedding night. Nobody would speak of it again and the boy would be treated as no less a man when he came of age. Think of the Middle East where the girl is punished by stoning her to death in an open pit and even the man who did the deed is invited to throw a stone of his own at the young girl he has caught and deflowered by force. Compare this to all those tales you have heard of these brutal, heartless Viking barbarian peoples of Europe in the old days and then ask yourself which group of people would really have the deepest compassion and love of their own children and would show it in their actions. I would say that Christ was right - you really do know people by their fruits."

On Predicting the Future

I rarely try to predict things specifically. I do remember predicting Reagan over Carter because Carter was a catastrophe.

I also predicted Trump in a landslide over the Hildabeast because, for one thing, the Hildabeast was, and is, also a catastrophe. And also because Trump said the right things that people needed to hear, especially in ignored and impoverished Flyover Land (thank you all the liars and puppets in goverment and their masters, the Cosmodemonic Transnational Megacorporations. Or as Thomas Jefferson wrote, "The selfish spirit of commerce knows no country, and it feels no passion or principle but that of gain.").

I also predicted the wars of the vile, cowardly, corrupt, never-worked-a-day-in-his-life Dubya Shrub would be a catastrophe. For one thing, everyone in his administration was a catastrophe, including Dubya.

For another thing, there is an old but true saying: "You can conquer a country on horseback but you have to dismount to rule." I knew Iraq would never stand a snowball's chance in hell against the U.S. military but the U.S. would never rule or rebuild Iraq.

I remember thinking we were attacked by Saudi Arabia (almost all the hijackers were from there) so the U.S. attacked Afghanistan and Iraq? WTF? If that many hijackers were from North Korea or Cuba, would we not realize we were attacked by those two countries?

I have mentioned before you can just about live your life by clichés (they wouldn't be clichés unless there was much truth in them). Here is another cliché: "No sword cuts so brutally as when a peasant becomes a lord." (This is one of the reasons democracy always falls, because peasants are always elected).

I have memorized a bunch of Aesop's Fables. Not so much the fables but the morals to them, such as "Equals make the best friends."

I have found these clichés have never failed me. They are, after all, based on thousands, of years of experience.

The dumb don't even learn from their own experience. The average learn only from their own. The smart learn from other people's experience.

Here are some morals to some Aesop's fables: "The tyrant will always find a pretext for his tyranny" and "The greedy have no gratitude." Just look at Hillary Clinton.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Keep Your Friends Close...

and your enemies even closer.

Now I think Trump is going to offer Romney a job, even though he's an enemy.

After all, better inside the tent pissing out than outside the tent pissing in.

If I was Romney I wouldn't take the job. But then, he is a POS politician, so he'll take it if offered.

Almost All Politicians Are Corrupt - Meaning About 99.999% of Them

"If the gods had meant us to vote they would have given us candidates" - Jim Hightower

The things I have seen, I'm surprised my eyeballs don't explode and my hair burst into flames.

I have mentioned I know an 84-year-old man who spent his life as a political consultant and who told me decades ago he's only met one honest politician - all the rest had money, sex and drug problems. Mostly they have money problems. This has been the history of the world.

I have found my friend is right. Mostly they're greedy for money, even the rich ones. They're gluttons for money! money! money! The Bushes are very rich, have never worked a day in their lives, and yet Dubya was caught many times skirting the law and sometimes violating it to get political donations. The Clintons are the same. Trump, being a multi-billionaire, doesn't have this problem. That right there is a big plus for him.

It's got to the point - and has been for a long time - that you have to be rich to run for office. And then when politicians get in office they want to become even richer, richer, richer! Enough is never enough for them. "Enough is as good as a feast"? Don't make me laugh.

The Founding Fathers did not want political office be be places of profit. Almost all of them wrote about that several times. They thought the worst people were attracted to politics if money was involved. They were right.

I have found, if you want to understand people, look to the Seven Deadly Sins. I've written about that several times.

Greed, Pride, Gluttony, and all the rest - politicians show all of them in exaggerated form. I also think deceit and fear should be added to the Seven Deadly Sins. The Bible, upon which the West was founded, is full of proscriptions about not lying and not being afraid.

All politicians lie and use people's fear of things to get elected. And most people fall for it every time.

The history of the world has been class warfare between the Haves and the Have-nots (read the New Testament sometime to see what Jesus said about the Haves of his time). It has brought down society after society in bloodshed and destruction. The U.S. has avoided that except for the War Between the States, which was about money more than anything else - the wealthy in the industrial North trying to economically exploit the agrarian South.

The people at the socio-economic top created horrendous problems for everyone else (the people at the bottom cause a lot of violent crime). But together both of them are responsible for about 99% of the problems in the world. All you have to do is look around.

Many of them - top and bottom - are criminals.

After all, St. Paul did write, "the love [actually 'lust'] of money is the root of all evil." Not money, but the lust for it. He was right about that.

Kakistocracy - rule by the worst people in government