Monday, January 23, 2017

The Power of Celebrity

I first noticed the power of celebrity in high school, when I was a junior. Before that I realize now I had seen it but never noticed it.

In high school the only celebrities were the athletes. I occasionally used to go to football and basketball games and was impressed at the huge crowds cheering at the games. I still have a vivid memory of it – the crowds cheering wildly when a player scored.

Even today the biggest celebrities are the entertainers - actors and athletes. The media even asks them their opinions on things they know nothing about. Who in their right mind cares what George Clooney or Lebron James thinks about politics? Or anything else? If they weren’t celebrities no one would give a thought to any of their opinions.

One of the reasons Trump won is that he was far more of a successful celebrity than Hillary Clinton. The Mainstream Media has lost its power to make candidates into successful celebrities, the way they failed with Hillary - and it's driving them nuts. Very few people take them seriously anymore. They’ve lost their celebrity status and their influence.

Society organizes itself around celebrity. Perhaps it always has – think of all the Kings and Queens and Princes and Princesses and other heroes of old, and of their portrayal in folk tales (it doesn’t surprise me at all that some people refer to Trump as “an emperor,” which is a version of a king).

Now as to why society does this I really don't know. I do know a lot of people imitated celebrities because they admired them (and even put them into stories as models to imitate), which they do even today. Imitating people means, “I want to be like them!”

Yet when someone becomes a celebrity some people try to destroy them. And they enjoy seeing them destroy themselves, the way Tiger Wood did.

I have mentioned such celebrities as Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking and some of my posters have denigrated them. Since they are not celebrities themselves they are eaten up with envy (which they always deny) - and envy always wants to put people down (envy is just a greatly degraded form of admiration, and admiration is the benign form of envy). For example, when I was little my hero was Sean Connery as James Bond, who, as far as I am concerned, is still the best one – and he was supposed to be a hero. A mythological hero.

Celebrity is more about getting attention from other people than anything else. I assume it’s an attempt to seek happiness, what the Greeks called eudemonia (which I’ve written about before) i.e. well-being, which comes about through arĂȘte – excellence. And people can’t achieve excellence themselves at least want to watch people who have.

Nobody wants to be utterly ignored. That means not to be taken seriously at all. And everyone wants recognition and appreciation.

I’m sure in the past, now, and in the future, are people who said, “I’ll show them.” And even if they don’t articulate it, or aren’t even totally aware of it, it means to be successful – to be a celebrity.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Political Values

If you want to want to understand someone all have you have do is know their values.

Some days ago I heard a man interviewed on the radio describe himself "first as a Christian, second as an American and third as a Democrat." Just like that I understood a lot about him. In one sentence!

In a sense, values come first before anything else. A person's values determine their behavior. If you know their values you can often predict their behavior.

Some years ago I saw Kinky Friedman, the musician and author, describe himself first as "a Texan and second as a Jew." He was dressed as the stereotypical Texan - black cowboy hat, black clothes, a string tie and cowboy boots. I smiled over that one (I didn't see his pants but I figured he was wearing black denim).

I have described myself to people a "liberal conservative radical." That says a lot about me. All my friends are the same way - and people hang out with people who share the same values. To quote an Aesop's Fable, "Equals make the best friends."

Everyone seeks meaning, importance and community - and those are values. It's why I and many other people knew that groups of leftists - a community - were going to engage in violent protests at the Trump inauguration. It's how they get meaning and importance in their lives.

I once met a man who entire head was covered with colorful tattoos (he had to shave his head every day). I figured he was pretty much nuts (I also wondered if he had any friends). I also wondered how he got meaning and importance out of what he had done to himself. Attention, maybe?

I’ve always been amused by people like the “evolutionist” Richard Dawkins, who says there is no meaning to life, yet he gets his meaning and importance from saying those things in public and refuses to debate anyone who disagrees with him because he doesn’t want them part of his community.

I’ve also mentioned I knew a rabidly anti-Catholic loon who thought the Pope had sent had assassins to kill him to stop him from writing a book exposing the Catholic church and used to call churches to get the priests admit they were trying to rub him out. And he used to try to convert people to his beliefs so he would have a community.

If you understand how people seek meaning, importance and community through their values then you understand them. Even the fanatics and the nuts.

Friday, January 20, 2017

The Protests Never Stop and Never Will

Back during Reagan's second term I was a newspaper reporter and got an assignment to interview a woman (whom I never met and interviewed over the phone) who had written a novel (self-published, or course) about how horrible Reagan was and how he was going to outlaw abortion and put women back in the kitchen and also start WWIII.

Even then I knew the woman was immensely self-deluded. I thought, "Just how dumb is this woman?" And I wasn't even a fan of Reagan.

Now I'm seeing on the news about how a bunch of people (mostly women, of course, many of whom are ruled by their feelings) who are going to march in protests about the inauguration of Donald Trump. “200,000 people!” the Mainstream Media blared. Maybe more like 2000 will be there.

These people of course are wasting their time. The only reason they're doing it is to make themselves feel better. But then, liberals and leftists always do that.

Some years later after interviewing this goofball I read a book by Thomas Sowell called, The Vision of the Anointed, about policy as "self-congratulation."

I'm sure all these people marching in these protests are congratulating themselves about "standing up" to that "Nazi/fascist/sexist/racist" now in the White House.

Some people operate only on their feels, although they always delude themselves it's reason.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

One Foot in Hell and the Other Slipping on the Edge

Apparently Daddy Bush ain't going to be here much longer.

I hope his last thought is, "That goddamn Donald Trump."

Too bad he didn't die in WWII and let a non-wimp live.

Had he died the entire Bush Crime Family would have never existed.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

This World Belongs to the Devil

Not exactly. I actually believe what Eric von Kuehnelt-Leddihn wrote in Leftism Revisited: every square inch of this world is continually being claimed and reclaimed by God and Satan. By good and evil. By the constructive and destructive.

Again, it’s the archetype of the horror story – God attacked by Satan in an attempt to overthrow Him; good attacked by evil, order attacked by chaos. Always in an attempt to overthrow.

I've also been amused by the Biblical descriptions of Satan, such as when God asks Satan where he has been, and he answers "walking to and fro up and down the earth." And I’m sure having a damned good time doing it (for the weak-minded there is something enthralling about evil – it makes them feel powerful and important, as a cover for their cowardice and insecurity).

Martin Luther also quite correctly called the earth "the Devil's Inn."

And then of course there's the scene where the Devil offers Jesus power over "all the kingdoms" of the world" and he says, "Nope." Which means politics is of the Devil, which means politics can't solve anything because of the human race's Original Stupidity and instead usually makes thing worse. Sometimes, a lot worse. A lot, lot worse.

Because of this Original Stupidity and the fact Satan is always "walking to and fro up and down the earth" – that’s the reason wars will never stop. They will also never solve anything. After all, how can Satan throw out Satan?

I actually don't believe in any Devil "out there." I've only seen "evil" in the human heart - and there's plenty of it, enough to go all around the world. And around and around and around.

That arrogant weakling Dubya Shrub (who, like the other cowards in his administration, avoided Vietnam – Dickless Cheney, who took a bunch of deferments, said he had “other priorities” - even though they were the perfect age to serve), who had everything given to him and still failed at all of it, said Jesus was his "favorite philosopher," and also claimed that God had chosen him to be President (he also said he should be dictator). That's blasphemy, which is why Dubya was in thrall to Satan. The Satan in his own twisted, cowardly, murder-loving, alcoholic, cocaine-addled heart, which is why he started unnecessary two wars that led to the maiming and deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent people. Wars that are still going after 15 years.

And I’m sure he enjoyed it immensely. It certainly raised this loser’s “self-esteem” - power! domination! control! grandiosity! - he ultimately sacrificed all those people to his own narcissistic self. Which are exactly the motivations of all serial killers.

Speaking of serial killers, I also ran across the “walking and fro up and down the earth” description in Thomas Harris novel, The Silence of the Lambs, in which the FBI agent hunting serial killer Hannibal Lecter says bitterly, “Doctor Lecter has to have his fun.”

Shrub was doing Satan's work, not God's. And I'm sure Dubya had a great time, just the way rapist/sexual predator/pervert Bill Clinton said he had "a great time" being President. And I’m sure a big dud like Barak Obama would have loved to run a third time (thank God it’s not allowed, although he would have lost to Trump) – the power and attention is just too alluring (look at the way the Bush Crime Family will not shut up about Donald Trump, who exposed and destroyed them for the weak-minded leftist RINO fools they are. And in their weakness and powerlessness they can’t tolerate criticism from someone more powerful and more successful and better than they are, so in their envy of him they want to bring him down – especially after he utterly destroyed the inept Jeb!).

Power will do that to weaklings. They become intoxicated by it - power intoxicates and immunity corrupts.

Everyone seeks meaning and importance is their life. For the weak that can mean starting wars to prove their manhood, which is what the catastrophic LBJ did in Vietnam (he said he was afraid his critics would call him “chicken.” Whether or not this was before he pulled out his dick and said “This is why!” I don’t know.). Chris Hedges wrote a book, War is a Force That Gives Us Meaning. Again, meaning, importance and community.

Shrub did something spectacular but evil. But then, the evil, who have no conscience, always want to do something grandiose and spectacular, no matter how bad (which they always rationalize).

Every philosopher, every theologian, every thoughtful person, has located the problem in the person. The Greeks called it "Hubris," which they thought led to a kind of insanity which leads to Nemesis. The Bible calls it "Pride," meaning vainglory, which leads to destruction.

All these people have the characteristics of thinking they are godlike and beyond reproach or conscience or repentance.

St. Augustine, before he became a Christian, was a Manichee – there were two gods: a good one and an evil one. In some ways Christianity almost believes in the same thing, except Satan is beneath God and not coequal with him – which is an infinite distance.

I've mentioned before my favorite one is the definition Russell Kirk used to explain the source of all evil: "the Monstrous Self" – an envious self without love or remorse or guilt or gratitude, just the desire for attention and the power to conquer and destroy. And always for personal reasons…like saying God chose you to be President.

You can't get rid of the Monstrous Self with a club. In fact people who continually wield that club become ensorcelled by their own Monstrous Self, which has happened to the entire Bush Crime Family, not to mention Hillary Clinton (whom the childish Dubya foolishly and stupidly said he considered "his sister").

Dostoevsky said it best: "Tyranny...finally develops into a disease. The habit can...coarsen the very best man to the level of a beast. Blood and power intoxicate...the return to human dignity, to repentance, to regeneration, becomes almost impossible."

"Repentance." That means to change your mind and heart, which Jesus said was the only cure. Nothing about using a club on innocent people, which leads to resentment and hate and the desire for revenge.

Humiliating people almost always – for all practical purpose, always – leads to the sometimes obsessive desire for revenge.

It never ends.

As Kurt Vonnegut Jr. wrote: "So it goes." And on and on and on, to and fro up and down the earth.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The Cowardice of the Chickenhawk

“Bok, bok, bok, bok” – the universal language that all Chickenhawks understand.

I've met several Chickenhawks in my life, and they're all the same: all they can do is run their mouths but they never, ever join the military. Everyone else is supposed to, though. They can only cheer and give directions from the sidelines. “Throw the ball here! Now throw it over there!”

I used to offer drive them down to the recruitment center but they never took me up on the offer. Cowards and losers, all of them. Terrified to join the military and get in the fight. They were all mouth.

In fact, the bigger the mouth the cheaper the punk.

When I was a teenager I read Gone With the Wind, which actually is a great novel. There were Chickenhawks portrayed in it by author Margaret Mitchell, ones were always ready to give loud unending advice about how the war should be run and what mistakes they were convinced the generals were making but they never, ever made their way to the front lines (or even the back lines, which would have made them REMFs). And since art imitates life…

It's very easy to give advice when sitting safely on the couch on their fat asses, far, far from any danger whatsoever.

The most dangerous men are the ones who don't threaten or just talk, talk, talk like the Talking Heads/Chattering Classes on TV.

I'm only concerned about men who do, not just talk. The ones who do nothing but run their mouths - I've always held them in utter contempt. There is nothing to them - all hat, no cattle. They’re like balloons – empty on the inside.

Big mouths but no balls. All of them.

I’ve occasionally wondered about the psychology of cowards. In every case I’ve found they are ashamed of themselves and so cover it up with narcissistic grandiosity. “Pride is shame’s cloak,” said William Blake.

Such people always want to replace their shame with pride, the way those who feel they have been humiliated or their lives have not worked out, always want to do - which they delude themselves can be done by talking and pointing to other people to deflect attention from their cowardice – not by doing anything courageous themselves.

I went to high school with a kid who got killed in the invasion of Grenada. He was a helicopter pilot and enemy fire went straight through the window of his helicopter (I still have the yearbook with his picture it). He left a two-year-old daughter behind.

Another helicopter was filming his helicopter when it got hit, so I saw it spin out of control and go down on TV. I thought, “I just saw a kid I went to high school with get killed. Shot in the face.”

I also know a man who fought as a mercenary in the former Rhodesia. He told me one of the men in his platoon was bragging how he going to kick everyone asses in combat but when the first shots were fired he turned and ran straight back to camp without stopping.

Chickenhawks – who again are all cowards - rationalize this helicopter pilot’s death by saying “He made the ultimate sacrifice” – which is something they have no intention of doing.

We should take up a collection to buy these clowns a spine – and some testicles.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Criminals I Would Hang or Imprison

To be hanged for war crimes, treason and spying:

George "Dubya Shrub" Bush.

Dick Cheney.

Donald Rumsfeld.

(Richard Perle.)

(Paul Wolfowitz).

(Douglas Feith.)


Bill and Hillary Clinton.